Sunday, May 8, 2011

ahhh I am slacking at the whole blogger thing.

I blame graduation! It's very soon.

Except that's a lame excuse because I have no classes and I'm kind of just hanging out here by myself watching this music video and also this one over and over and over again and not cleaning my room/doing my laundry/packing yet....I am, however, applying to ALL THE JOBS everywhere in the ENTIRE COUNTRY in hopes of someone being like oh wow! You have done LOTS of summer camp jobs and not a whole lot of anything else but YES we will hire you for our marketing company! Mostly, I'd just like to get paid to blog and watch music videos. Or run. Or a eat burgers. Or a combination of all those things.


  1. you're back youre back!
    stay back!

    also, accept my invite on 20sb.
    double-y also, im the same right now on the job hunt. BAH!

  2. i want to get paid to blog and watch music videos to....let's figure out how to do that!

  3. Good luck with your upcoming graduation & job search!