Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I tried something new last night

called "Falling asleep the old fashioned way without television/what I really mean by that is without my computer playing television on it because I don't have a TV" because I have become scared that I'm getting crappy sleep because of the light and stuff from the computer that is interrupting my sleep cycle and that all sounds like bad news. Plus I'm a big grown up person. I can sleep without the TV, right? Right.

Wrong. I was not very successful. It took about 7 million hours to actually fall asleep and then I slept TERRIBLY and woke up every hour being like WHAT IS GOING ON WHERE AM I!? I also had nightmares. Not awesome stress dreams like the one from two nights ago when I dreamt I was planning the royal wedding (super awesome) but scary dreams. And also one stress dream about failing a french class and not being allowed to graduate. I am not taking french at all right now. Anyway, now I'm tired and going to take a nice 6:45 am nap.

But before that, I just wanted tell you that that I DID do some very productive blog brainstorming for at least an hour last night before I tossed and turned for more hours. I swear to god, I had the most revolutionary, amazing blog post ideas and I promised myself I'd remember them all and make 100 posts today and have a super active blog for AT LEAST A WEEK. I mentally high-fived myself. I had visions of instant blogging fame because my posts were so amazingly unique and hilarious some blogging scout would find me immediately. As I repeated them over and over to myself, I thought that maybe I should write them down on the computer, but then I decided that was counter my entire project of no-television-no-computer-because-of-sleep-cycle-interupption plan.

So of course this morning? I remember none of them. I am very sad. For myself and perhaps even more so for you. Because they really were especially awesome blog post ideas. And now only crazed-late-night-Liia knows about them. Day-time-Liia and you guys are shit out of luck. Which is very sad for all of us.


  1. you need a notebook by your bed!

    and i know what you mean.....i actually do sleep better without the tv, but i can't break the habit. my problem is more that I just sit there and i think about what might be on tv, or how nice it is to have the tv off, or how well i'll sleep if my mind ever stops racing....

    i really want to get in the habit of reading before bed - even just 15 minutes - i figure it will stop my mind from racing and i won't have all the distractions of commercials and lights and e-mails and screens. but we'll see.......

  2. I agree. I always have notebook or post it notes by my bed for nights like these. Also, this sounds kind of stupid, but if I am somewhere and I can't write down an idea, I repeat it 5 times and I usually remember it for later.
    I don't have a t.v. in my room and I have always been in the habit of reading before bed. It relaxes you and it helps you fall asleep naturally--it is a great way to chill out before bed.