Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I spent my money on this weekend:

-margaritas (2 of them. They were orange tinted. And full of tequila. I feel sick now. Money well spent.)

-a delicious burger with bacon AND cheese AND barbecue sauce AND little tiny fried onion pieces on top of it. So, although it cost dollars I don't have, at least it was healthy and TOTALLY on my diet plan! (haha. Funny joke.)

-a chicken kabob and a crepe at the international festival we have every year on campus. That actually was pretty good. And I'd spend money on Nutella any day of the week. I'd sell all of my glassware for Nutella. I might even chop of a finger I don't need, like my pinky or something, if someone said "We need your pinky or else you will never get to eat Nutella again." I'd seriously consider it.

-a sandwich from Trader Joe's because I ran out of meal plans! That actually was justified. And I bought the cheapest sandwich I could find so I give myself an A on this purchase.

-alcoholic pear cider .....because every sandwich needs a five dollar alcoholic beverage to accompany it?

-a bagel with lox  

-Two episodes of Bridezillas on itunes. I HAD to buy these though because I found out my old boss was on it (!!!) But actually it just stressed me out and made me feel like I needed to save money for my wedding (which is not going to happen for AT LEAST five years. At least) RIGHT NOW so that I won't have to stress out over how much my nails cost and/or have to set up the tables by myself and buy my decorations at Party City HOLY SHIT!

(Woah, look. All of these things are food except for one. Nice. And not even healthy food. Even better.)

Things I did not do with my money on this weekend:

-buy toothpaste. I ran out of toothpaste on Friday so instead of buying more, I begged my friend to put some toothpaste in a little zip lock baggie for me so that I could just dip my tooth brush into my tooth-paste-bag and not have to spend the 5 dollars for a tube. Because she is so nice, she gave me a trial sized one she had in her house. Apparently toothpaste is not as important as margaritas.

-save dollars for my Vegas trip in 2 weeks. Apparently I am planning on going to go to Vegas with invisible money or maybe I'll take Monopoly money. That counts, right? The hotel will be like, "Oh, we understand. Burgers/margaritas/lox/episodes of crappy wedding TV shows are legitimate and necessary purchases. We'll accept your fake money and/or a hug instead of real live money. We hate real live money anyway."

-save dollars for an apartment.  Same as Vegas. Apparently I plan on spending invisible/imaginary money and/or trade hugs for rent. Anyone want to take me up on that? Anyone? Maybe I'll make a craigslist ad. Dear apartment-owner, I am very nice but I have no money because I spend it all on burgers and alcohol. Please rent me your apartment in exchange for any of the following things:
1) hugs
2) basic knowledge about gender and sex. We could have a weekly sit down where we discuss all the key and important things I learned in college.
3) high fives
4) recordings of myself singing along to karaoke tracks on garageband
5) free hair advice. I could even dye your hair if you want to go to Sally's Beauty Supply and buy the bleach and stuff. I'm pretty good at that. I can't promise, however, that your hair won't come out more than one color and/or feel like hay, but I'll do it!

-save dollars at all. 

So basically this weekend was a win all around for making grown-up life choices and getting ready for grown-up life. (The food was pretty good though.) 


  1. youre my favourite.
    and that burger joke, that was a real kicker.
    aha <3 sounds like you a had a fun weekend though mdear.
    cannot wait for margaritas!!!

  2. Mmmm I love pear cider! And I've had serious cravings for Nutella lately -- definitely have to get some at the store soon!

  3. Don't worry too much...I am in my late 20's and am still spending money on these kinds of things--burgers, pear cider, nutella, and margaritas--very good purchases. I wish I could say it gets easier as you get older, but speaking from someone with a degree in English education who doesn't want to teacher right now and who has started a business, money is very scarce. In fact, I love the tooth paste comment. I have many similar stories from my grad school days. Just wrote a blog about this stuff at